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We design and create the most elegant evening purses for the most elite women of the world. Experience this fashionable collection of rare, one-of-a-kind gifts for that exclusive lady. These minaudieres are the height of elegance for fashion forward women.

Born of fine silver and enamel, crafted to excite the senses of the most jaded, your purse is guaranteed to evoke envy and desire. Wear with the confidence that you won’t see another purse remotely like it. You will be instantly noticed by all in sight, you will be asked a thousand questions.

Men love the design, beauty, and unique mechanical aspects of these fine silver purses. Twenty years of sourcing and custom designs by Vivian Alexander has created an unmatched, rare, and exquisite list of  materials from around the world, the Louisiana alligator skin is the finest available, the multitude of enamel colors is unrivaled, select faceted crystals are the finest in Austria. There is no guilloché work so exact and so extensive since the turn of the last century. 

The exclusive lock-ring closure with the original ball indent stop is an engineer’s dream, and the 24k gold and rhodium plated sterling silver maintains that highly prized new look . The interior sand washed silks and the attached beveled mirror are signature Vivian Alexander. The baked enamel over the entire fine silver guilloché surface stands alone for quality, smoothness, and depth of color. 

Vivian Alexander has taken filigree to new heights with the imaginative application of faceted crystal and box chain to create fanciful designs and patterns that not only separate the bold enamel colors but transforms the entire purses surface into a work of art. Once you have seen and studied these ovoid beauties you will be able to spot them from a distance anywhere. 

Some of these evening purses emphasize pastel enamels to achieve a light and airy look, while others have combinations of dark blues, greens and grays to give a more exotic touch to the artisan’s creation. The royal purples, combined with cool blues and hot reds are often used to create an air of importance in a design. The depth and expanse of transparent and translucent enamels gives the impression of the entire artistic work floating above the guilloché encrusted fine silver. These enamels look almost liquid when viewed in subdued light.

 Your own bespoke purse; your colors, designed to fit your dreams, made by the only atelier in the United States devoted to couture evening purses, a rarefied attention to detail and craftsmanship. Made exclusively for you. 

So confident that you will be completely satisfied with your unique creation, Vivian Alexander will take it back, no questions asked, with a complete refund and return shipping if you choose, after you have unwrapped it and had a chance to study your exclusive creation, and carry it to an event or two. If you don’t get instant attention, if people around you, especially men, don’t ask you a thousand questions, we have not carried out your wishes.



For the Royal Wedding!

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 The Royal Wedding!

Now this is a deal you can't refuse

Vivian Alexander will place on loan to the first five ladies that contact us and are going to the Royal Wedding, a custom made Vivian Alexander evening purse.

You will contact us with instructions or pictures of the dress you will be wearing so we can create a proper silver, enameled, jeweled purse for you.
(Please allow some time for us to fashion and build it.)
Or you can visit our web site and select an available purse you like and we will ship it to you.

Of course there are some stipulations:

You must reasonably prove that you are going to the wedding. Be creative!

You will agree to bring back pictures of you with the purse, with wedding landmarks  included.

You will leave credit card information with us to cover the cost in case of loss or, heaven forbid, you decide to keep it.

You will tell your friends where you got that perfect Vivian Alexander purse, that so complements your beautiful dress, that you are wearing to the Royal Wedding!

But Remember!

The nice thing is you will be decked out to the level of exclusivity and luxury that only a hand crafted, intricately embellished, high-end Vivian Alexander evening purse can give you.
You will have no worries about what others think of your outfit because you will have a spectacular, exclusive, purse that will draw the admiring glances of all around you.

You will be seen and remembered as the lady that carried the most glamorous, sophisticated, unique, evening purse ever seen at a Royal Wedding, or anywhere else for that matter.  

And if you decide to keep your heirloom quality evening bag as a momento of your trip of a lifetime, you will become the proud owner of a spectacular, extraordinary piece of art and craftsmanship that only the creative artists of Vivian Alexander can provide.

And, in case you can't bring yourself to part with your jewel, your children will be excited because the know that a Vivian Alexander will last a lifetime and grow in value over the years and never go out of style. The downside is, you must have one of these elite, wearable art pieces for each one of the little darlings. Lets not even think about grand-darlings.


 And remember, these evening purses are made:

in the U.S.A.,
in Louisiana,
by craftspersons in Acadiana!

And, just in case you are not going to make the Wedding, please pass this notice on to ten of your closest friends that you know are going, or at least that wish they were going, or that just want to know where to go to get the most elegant purses in the world.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to be one of the five lucky ladies, contact us:


Mardi Gras Contest

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 SUBJECT: Win a Vivian Alexander Purse!

 On behalf of Vivian Alexander and Nouveau Photography, we would like to thank you for participating in the wonderful shots taken at your recent Mardi Gras ball. We’re excited to tell you that your pictures have been added to the Vivian Alexander Facebook Page and are now automatically entered to win an exclusive Vivian Alexander Mardi Gras purse!


You’re probably asking yourself, “How do I win?” Well…it’s all up to you and your friends! The picture with the most Facebook “Likes” will win, it’s that easy! Simply tag yourself and those in your photo, then ask all of your friends to vote by “liking” your picture. And to sweeten the pot, we’re giving away one of our collector’s edition Vivian Alexander Easter Egg Ornaments to a lucky participant who votes AND signs up for our monthly newsletter. 


Both prizes will be given away on April 15th and winners will be announced on the Vivian Alexander Facebook Page and notified via email. If you have any questions about this contest, please send them to


Let the voting begin! Remember, it’s up to you!



Lecture Series News Release

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News Release, for immediate release

The Legacy of Fabergé

Dateline: Franklin, La.     Governor Mike Foster and Alice Foster are hosting a benefit for the St. Mary Landmarks Society Sunday, April 10 from 2:30 to 6:00pm at the Grevemberg House in Franklin. There will be a presentation by Alexander Caldwell titled The Legacy of Fabergé́. Additionally an exhibit of rare Vivian Alexander museum pieces and a trunk show of their latest silver evening pieces will be on display.

The Grevemberg House, located at 407 Sterling Road in Franklin, Louisiana is one of the historical landmarks maintained by the St. Mary Landmarks Society. The proceeds from this benefit will be used to sustain this historic building and other ongoing projects of the Society. Raffle ticket admission is $20.  Reservations are required as seating is limited. Vivian Alexander has donated a beautiful evening purse that will be given to a lucky raffle ticket holder at a drawing to be held after the presentation. Raffle ticket holders do not have to be present to win.

Caldwell has dedicated the last twenty years to create and perfect the world’s most elegant evening purses.  He was recognized by Forbes for the intricate enamel work used on all of the Vivian Alexander  sculptures and bags. Along the way he supplied Warner Bros with the pivotal art piece for their hit movie Oceans Twelve, a replica of the prop will be on display at the presentation.  Last year Twentieth Century Fox commissioned him to produce a unique Fabergé egg sculpture for an upcoming movie The Sitter, due out in August. Orders for custom designed sculptures and purses are a steady source for creative challenges.

Additional information, ticket purchase, and reservations can be arranged by calling the Grevemberg House at 337 828-2092.

Note: Alexander will sign any collector purses brought to presentation.




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We are the only online retailer of handmade elegant evening purses, made in the U.S. using fine silver, gemstones, and translucent enamel. Each Vivian Alexander purse is of the highest quality and guaranteed unique in the world of fashion. We offer free FedEx shipping and gift wrapping, and 30-day returns on every evening purse order.



The Sitter by Twentieth Century Fox

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Vivian Alexander, maker of exquisite purses and collectibles for nearly 20 years, has been commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox to create a Faberge-style egg for the upcoming movie The Sitter which stars Jonah Hill and Sam Rockwell. For images of this beauty being made and the final results, click this link.

This “dinosaur-sized” egg is not Vivian Alexander’s first foray into the movie business; in 2005 the company created the Coronation Egg for the Warner Brothers production Ocean’s 12. 

Alexander Caldwell, co-creator and president of Vivian Alexander, is excited about their emerging status as the de facto supplier of fine egg props for the movie industry. According to Caldwell, the prop master for The Sitter was referred to Vivian Alexander by Warner Brothers.

 Although a very prestigious task, the two movie prop eggs are not the first contracts of this magnitude for Vivian Alexander. 

The company was founded in 1991 by Alex Caldwell, a civil engineer by trade, and his life partner Vivian Tullos. Originally a hobby inspired by the feathered animals on the property of their Maurice home, the couple evolved their egg creations into fine art sculptures sought after by fashion elite and discerning collectors around the world.

The first prominent collection of egg art by Vivian Alexander was made during a seven year contract with Christopher Forbes. The company created several major limited edition pieces for the Forbes Fabergé collection in the 1990s. Using the en plein technique of enameling, they re-created many of the original Fabergé pieces, including the Duchess of Marlborough Egg Clock and the Imperial Chanticleer Egg Clock.

Vivian Alexander first appeared on the international radar in the early 2000s when Diageo, the largest liquor distributor in the world, commissioned a purse used to advertise Smirnoff Vodka in Europe. In 2010 Diageo returned to Vivian Alexander, this time to design five purses for Bailey’s Irish Cream which were used for marketing in Germany.

Gregg Gothreaux, President and CEO of the Lafayette Economic Development Authority, says Vivian Alexander’s work is a great representation of Acadiana’s strong arts culture morphing into a world-recognized business.

“It’s great to see Alex’s vision stand out among fine art around the world and serve as an outstanding representation of Acadiana,” Gothreaux said. “Vivian Alexander is a prime example of turning a household hobby into a successful business. Sometimes your business finds its niche and sometimes the niche finds you, as seems to be the case with Vivian Alexander and the movie industry.”

Vivian Alexander has ventured into new areas such as jewelry and other fine silver pieces. The use of pure silver allows the artists more uniformity and flexibility in their designs, while always staying true to the unique, high-quality designs that brought the company the success they have today.





Vivian Alexander: Going to Hollywood

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Alex Caldwell, dodging the paparazzi, probably not something you’ll be reading anytime in the near future.  It may be something that he may never have to deal with, his Faberge-like egg purse on the other hand, not so lucky. These may be on their way to Hollywood very soon.

Caldwell’s work has already been a star in a previous blockbuster film. Warner Brothers asked him recreate the Faberge Coronation egg for the hit movie “Ocean’s Twelve”. The egg stood center stage onscreen as George Clooney’s celebrity-filled gang of thieves battled a rival in an attempt to steal the Faberge masterpiece.

The egg was actually a Vivian Alexander, which is the name of the company Caldwell formed with his life partner Vivian Tullos to create the artwork. The company name was created combining both of their names. Caldwell has been creating the eggs from his farm in Maurice, LA for 30 years.

On May 16, a delegation from the Acadiana area presented a Vivian Alexander purse to the mayor of the neighboring town to Cannes, France. The town serves as headquarters to the Cannes International Film Festival.

The delegation was there to promote southwest Louisiana in films. They wanted to show the world that southwest Louisiana has more to offer than the spectacular scenery and alligators. In no way is this meant to down play the alligators and scenery, but to only make mention of other great wonders in Louisiana. Louisiana happens to be one of the country’s top-rated film locations and a place to find beautiful, hand crafted artwork.

The Vivian Alexander collection has a variety of elegant pieces. The purses are probably the most popular, but the collection also includes jewelry boxes, art objects, holiday ornaments and, of course, egg purses.

In December 2009, Caldwell retired the method of using real eggs to create his purses. For years now, Caldwell has been designing eggs purses from pure silver, which makes his purses that much more unique and exquisite. This is the only method being used currently, but upon request a purse from an actual egg can be created.

Caldwell, assisted by his two artisans, one being his daughter Liza, creates his own stunning themes. His other daughter, Rush, has also spent time working with her father.  His son Jim resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Caldwell has a pretty interesting resume for someone whose college degree is in civil engineering. Caldwell is originally from Baton Rouge, LA where his mom, Pat Caldwell, was an artist. He earned his degree from LSU in 1954 and worked as a highway contractor for the state of Louisiana.

Today Caldwell is creating works of art for people across the globe. He has even used his art to beautify several 19th century ostrich egg pieces Cutrer has discovered and submitted to Caldwell along the way, some of the pieces including a pelican, a frog and a peacock.

If the Acadiana delegation has any say, Hollywood will possibly start paying more attention to Caldwell’s work.

The mayor at the Cannes headquarters received a special treat. Caldwell designed the purse especially for the Acadiana delegation to present to her. The group presented it to her in the presence of the movie producers and directors.

And if the stars align, Vivian Alexander will go Hollywood.