Vivian Alexander: Going to Hollywood

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Alex Caldwell, dodging the paparazzi, probably not something you’ll be reading anytime in the near future.  It may be something that he may never have to deal with, his Faberge-like egg purse on the other hand, not so lucky. These may be on their way to Hollywood very soon.

Caldwell’s work has already been a star in a previous blockbuster film. Warner Brothers asked him recreate the Faberge Coronation egg for the hit movie “Ocean’s Twelve”. The egg stood center stage onscreen as George Clooney’s celebrity-filled gang of thieves battled a rival in an attempt to steal the Faberge masterpiece.

The egg was actually a Vivian Alexander, which is the name of the company Caldwell formed with his life partner Vivian Tullos to create the artwork. The company name was created combining both of their names. Caldwell has been creating the eggs from his farm in Maurice, LA for 30 years.

On May 16, a delegation from the Acadiana area presented a Vivian Alexander purse to the mayor of the neighboring town to Cannes, France. The town serves as headquarters to the Cannes International Film Festival.

The delegation was there to promote southwest Louisiana in films. They wanted to show the world that southwest Louisiana has more to offer than the spectacular scenery and alligators. In no way is this meant to down play the alligators and scenery, but to only make mention of other great wonders in Louisiana. Louisiana happens to be one of the country’s top-rated film locations and a place to find beautiful, hand crafted artwork.

The Vivian Alexander collection has a variety of elegant pieces. The purses are probably the most popular, but the collection also includes jewelry boxes, art objects, holiday ornaments and, of course, egg purses.

In December 2009, Caldwell retired the method of using real eggs to create his purses. For years now, Caldwell has been designing eggs purses from pure silver, which makes his purses that much more unique and exquisite. This is the only method being used currently, but upon request a purse from an actual egg can be created.

Caldwell, assisted by his two artisans, one being his daughter Liza, creates his own stunning themes. His other daughter, Rush, has also spent time working with her father.  His son Jim resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Caldwell has a pretty interesting resume for someone whose college degree is in civil engineering. Caldwell is originally from Baton Rouge, LA where his mom, Pat Caldwell, was an artist. He earned his degree from LSU in 1954 and worked as a highway contractor for the state of Louisiana.

Today Caldwell is creating works of art for people across the globe. He has even used his art to beautify several 19th century ostrich egg pieces Cutrer has discovered and submitted to Caldwell along the way, some of the pieces including a pelican, a frog and a peacock.

If the Acadiana delegation has any say, Hollywood will possibly start paying more attention to Caldwell’s work.

The mayor at the Cannes headquarters received a special treat. Caldwell designed the purse especially for the Acadiana delegation to present to her. The group presented it to her in the presence of the movie producers and directors.

And if the stars align, Vivian Alexander will go Hollywood.

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