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We design and create the most elegant evening purses for the most elite women of the world. Experience this fashionable collection of rare, one-of-a-kind gifts for that exclusive lady. These minaudieres are the height of elegance for fashion forward women.

Born of fine silver and enamel, crafted to excite the senses of the most jaded, your purse is guaranteed to evoke envy and desire. Wear with the confidence that you won’t see another purse remotely like it. You will be instantly noticed by all in sight, you will be asked a thousand questions.

Men love the design, beauty, and unique mechanical aspects of these fine silver purses. Twenty years of sourcing and custom designs by Vivian Alexander has created an unmatched, rare, and exquisite list of  materials from around the world, the Louisiana alligator skin is the finest available, the multitude of enamel colors is unrivaled, select faceted crystals are the finest in Austria. There is no guilloché work so exact and so extensive since the turn of the last century. 

The exclusive lock-ring closure with the original ball indent stop is an engineer’s dream, and the 24k gold and rhodium plated sterling silver maintains that highly prized new look . The interior sand washed silks and the attached beveled mirror are signature Vivian Alexander. The baked enamel over the entire fine silver guilloché surface stands alone for quality, smoothness, and depth of color. 

Vivian Alexander has taken filigree to new heights with the imaginative application of faceted crystal and box chain to create fanciful designs and patterns that not only separate the bold enamel colors but transforms the entire purses surface into a work of art. Once you have seen and studied these ovoid beauties you will be able to spot them from a distance anywhere. 

Some of these evening purses emphasize pastel enamels to achieve a light and airy look, while others have combinations of dark blues, greens and grays to give a more exotic touch to the artisan’s creation. The royal purples, combined with cool blues and hot reds are often used to create an air of importance in a design. The depth and expanse of transparent and translucent enamels gives the impression of the entire artistic work floating above the guilloché encrusted fine silver. These enamels look almost liquid when viewed in subdued light.

 Your own bespoke purse; your colors, designed to fit your dreams, made by the only atelier in the United States devoted to couture evening purses, a rarefied attention to detail and craftsmanship. Made exclusively for you. 

So confident that you will be completely satisfied with your unique creation, Vivian Alexander will take it back, no questions asked, with a complete refund and return shipping if you choose, after you have unwrapped it and had a chance to study your exclusive creation, and carry it to an event or two. If you don’t get instant attention, if people around you, especially men, don’t ask you a thousand questions, we have not carried out your wishes.


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