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Virginia Exhibition

Posted by Alex Caldwell on August 14, 2011 (0 Comments)

A few comments about the Faberge Exhibition that is ongoing in the Virginia Museum of Art in Richmond.

To my knowledge this is the largest and most important Faberge Exhibit to be mounted since the Faberge in America Exhibit tour in the late 1990's. This Exhibit boasts over five hundred individual pieces of Faberge art, (and a few that are Fauxberge!) The largest contributor to this endeavor is a gentleman from Lafayette, Louisiana - Dr. Dan Hodges, absolutely unknown in his home town, but highly respected around the Faberge world.

A few years ago he brought his collection of Faberge art to my Gallery (it was a much smaller collection then). He wanted to show his collection to someone who could appreciate what he had - that he could share with. For two hours he brought forth individual clear plastic boxes out of his doctor's black "house call" bag for me to see and hold, each exquisite individual piece. With each presentation he gave me the history of the piece: where he got it, what it represented in the Faberge history, and any special anecdotes of its providence. In all he must have shown me over two million dollars worth of art, on the floor, in my Gallery.

I have the honor of studying the Malcolm Forbes Faberge collection for seven years, but to have the privilage to study this totally new Faberge collection in my own Gallery is a high point I will long remember!]]>

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