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Mrs. Supriya Jindal

Governor’s Mansion
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

September 7, 2010 

Dear Mrs .Jindal 

The BP oil spill has had devastating consequences in Louisiana. Many businesses and individuals in the State have their own discouraging story to tell. 

My company, Vivian Alexander, has created and sold art in southern Louisiana for over twenty years. We are a completely local organization with all of our artisans recruited and trained in our Acadiana Studio on the bayou in rural Vermilion Parish. 

Our sales greatly depend on tourists from out of state. Since the spill, our visitors have slowed to a trickle and scheduled bus tours are canceling or rescheduling. I ask for no financial help to save my business, but I do ask for a small favor that I think will speed our recovery. 

Vivian Alexander creates fine evening purses that are admired around the world, and we depend on word of mouth and public exposure to bring us new customers. With you in mind I have designed and produced a multi colored and intricately laid out paisley enamel purse. The paisley tear drop swirls and crystals and the multi colored enamel are all baked in, one color at a time. I think you will appreciate my symbolism. 

My request to you is to carry this purse for a while, when appropriate, and tell my story to anyone that asks. I am certain it will help our cause. Additionally, I request that you eventually  leave this art piece, as a gift from you, to the permanent art collection in the Governors Mansion. 


Alex Caldwell]]>

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