The Art of the Egg


Posted by Alex Caldwell on August 21, 2011 (0 Comments)

This is art.

This is a minaudieré.

This is bespoke, you can’t just have it.

This is what Vivian Alexander is about.

But if you are that one in a million that can afford it, and you have the guts to carry it, I will create one for you. It will be your very own.

 You will reserve this beauty for only those very special occasions; the black tie ball on your anniversary cruise, symphony at the Kennedy Center, the Washington Mardi Gras Ball.

 They will know you are there. They will know you are very special.

 Now all you need is to find a gown that will stand up to the challenge. (Or if you already have the gown, let me see it and we will create to it.)]]>

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