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Ocean's Twelve

- Thursday, January 12, 2017

Does Ocean's Twelve have two Vivian Alexander eggs and if so which scene do they appear in?

Vivian Alexander was commissioned by Warner Bros. to make two identical Imperial Coronation Eggs to be used in the movie Oceans Twelve. both Imperial Coronation Eggs were shipped to the movie lot in Rome, Italy. The filming started soon after arrival. The last half of the Oceans Twelve movie revolves around the Gang attempting to steal the Imperial Egg from the Vatican Museum. Their method of operation was to have a "hologram" made of the Imperial Egg in the Museum and beam the image down onto the supporting pedestal so that when they stole the original egg the hologram egg would take its place.

In this sequence in the movie both the Imperial Egg and the "hologram" egg were shown together for a few moments. Actually in this scene both Imperial Coronation eggs supplied to the Set by Vivian Alexander were visible; the original egg, and the "hologram" egg. This same scene occurred twice earlier in the movie when the gang was practicing in their secret barn.

Vivian Alexander created these two replicas from personal observation and examination of the original Imperial Coronation Faberge Egg that was part of the Forbes Collection in their New York Museum.

This answer was supplied by Alexander Caldwell, president of Vivian Alexander.

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