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Joshua Carlson - Thursday, August 11, 2011
Posted 6 years ago

Vivian Alexander, maker of exquisite purses and collectibles for nearly 20 years, has been commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox to create a Faberge-style egg for the upcoming movie The Sitter which stars Jonah Hill and Sam Rockwell.

This “dinosaur-sized” egg is not Vivian Alexander’s first foray into the movie business; in 2005 the company created the Coronation Egg for the Warner Brothers production Ocean’s 12.

Alexander Caldwell, co-creator and president of Vivian Alexander, is excited about their emerging status as the de facto supplier of fine egg props for the movie industry. According to Caldwell, the prop master for The Sitter was referred to Vivian Alexander by Warner Brothers.

Alexander commented, “As simple as it looks, the creation of this oversized Faberge egg for 20th Century Fox required the combined efforts of our whole team. I supplied the engineering to make the specialized tools needed, Liza Caldwell created the design, and our enameling artisans put it all together.”

Although a very prestigious task, the two movie prop eggs are not the first contracts of this magnitude for Vivian Alexander.

The company was founded in 1991 by Alex Caldwell, a civil engineer by trade, and his life partner Vivian Tullos. Originally a hobby inspired by the feathered animals on the property of their Maurice home, the couple evolved their egg creations into fine art sculptures sought after by fashion elite and discerning collectors around the world.

The first prominent collection of egg art by Vivian Alexander was made during a seven year contract with Christopher Forbes. The company created several major limited edition pieces for the Forbes Fabergé collection in the 1990s. Using the en plein technique of enameling, they re-created many of the original Fabergé pieces, including the Duchess of Marlborough Egg Clock and the Imperial Chanticleer Egg Clock.

Vivian Alexander first appeared on the international radar in the early 2000s when Diageo, the largest liquor distributor in the world, commissioned a purse used to advertise Smirnoff Vodka in Europe. In 2010 Diageo returned to Vivian Alexander, this time to design five purses for Bailey’s Irish Cream which were used for marketing in Germany.

Gregg Gothreaux, President and CEO of the Lafayette Economic Development Authority, says Vivian Alexander’s work is a great representation of Acadiana’s strong arts culture morphing into a world-recognized business.

“It’s great to see Alex’s vision stand out among fine art around the world and serve as an outstanding representation of Acadiana,” Gothreaux said. “Vivian Alexander is a prime example of turning a household hobby into a successful business. Sometimes your business finds its niche and sometimes the niche finds you, as seems to be the case with Vivian Alexander and the movie industry.”

Vivian Alexander has ventured into new areas such as jewelry and other fine silver pieces. The use of pure silver allows the artists more uniformity and flexibility in their designs, while always staying true to the unique, high-quality designs that brought the company the success they have today.



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