Vivian Alexander in the Movies

The Romanoffs

Vivian Alexander Loaned a Fabergé Imperial Coronation Egg replica especially for The Romanoffs series on amazon. The Romanoffs, is an anthology series centered around people who believe themselves to be the modern-day descendants of the Romanov family. The Romanoffs series will be aired on amazon.

Replica Coronation Egg for Romanoffs Series

Oceans 12

Vivian Alexander created two Fabergé Imperial Coronation Egg replicas especially for the Ocean's Twelve movie... one of which was later displayed in the Detroit Museum of Art for the Fabergé: The Rise and Fall exhibit.

Alexander Caldwell, president of Vivian Alexander, was privileged to observe, measure, and photograph these historic objects of art. Alexander, accompanied by his top Vivian Alexander™ modelers and sculptors, visited the Forbes Gallery in New York expressly to gain the knowledge to replicate these beauties in exact detail. The group was afforded a private viewing room and the assistance of the Forbes curator to carry out their enviable labors. The final works of art were presented to the Forbes family for their inspection and evaluation. After approval the first Vivian Alexander replicas were given to the Forbes Collection.