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Vivian Alexander: Defining and Redefining the History of Fabergé Eggs

Vivian Alexander was founded in 1991 by Alex Caldwell, a civil engineer by trade, and his life partner Vivian Tullos. Originally a domestic hobby inspired by the feathered foul wandering their Louisiana homestead, Alex and Vivian evolved their egg creations into the fine art sculptures and beautiful couture sought after by fashion forward elite and discerning collectors around the world.


The cultured class, as we know it, is dwindling. In school, at home and in the community, we no longer teach children appreciation for fine art. And our elders rarely mention it.

Vivian Alexander fine art sculptures, gifts and accessories are created for those who deeply appreciate culture, art and real couture. People like you who have taken the time to read these words now. To you we dedicate our efforts. For you we continue to create and dream and improve. Your uncompromising taste both respects the history of Fabergé and pushes our artistry forward so that you may continue to give and enjoy this unique and beautiful couture artwork.

It is a privilege to create Fabergé inspired works of art. But we lose that privilege if we don’t create objects that you can take home, appreciate and display for your friends to admire. So we always invite you the client to be part of the artistic process. To inspire us with your individuality. To help us create something remarkable to express your own family history and traditions.

The History of Fabergé Lives on in Vivian Alexander

Vivian & Alex’s Story

Forbes Museum Alliance

The Duchess of Marlborough Egg


Vivian Alexander has been creating fine art sculpture for 21 years. As such, we’ve acquired experience and knowledge that allows us to set the highest standards in the industry:

  • All of our Fabergé collectible eggs are created here in the U.S. by our artisans.
  • All of our larger pieces are hallmarked (hand signed) by the creating artisan.
  • We use the finest materials appropriate for the job, including pure (.999) silver for all limited edition and collectible silver ornaments.

A Distinctive Record of Achievement

  • Created Russian art for 7 years in partnership with Forbes Museum.
  • Commended by Christopher Forbes.
  • Numerous awards and trophies.
  • Numerous national and international magazine articles.
  • Our collectibles are sold in the world's most recognized stores and boutiques.
  • Our objets d’art have been shown in many museums.
  • We've traveled with the Fabergé in America Exhibition.
  • Our fine art collectibles are sought worldwide by celebrities, collectors and public officials.
  • Our original Coronation egg was featured in the Warner Bros. 2005 film Ocean's 12.
  • Our Fabergé eggs have been featured in the Barnes & Noble Christmas Collection Ornament Book.
  • Until 2001 we maintained a perpetual Customer Registration Serial Number database.

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Our facilities are open daily by appointment. Drop by if you are ever in Cajun Country to view our extensive gallery and watch the artisans at work in the studio. Visit our Contact page for more information.


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