Designs by Vivian Alexander
Our Work

We are the only online retailer of handmade elegant evening purses, made in the U.S., made in Louisiana, made in Cajun Country, using fine silver, gemstones, and translucent enamel. Each Vivian Alexander purse is of the highest quality and guaranteed unique in the world of fashion. We offer free FedEx shipping and gift wrapping.

Vivian Alexander has created unique evening purses for over twenty years. All are American made in the heart of Louisiana Cajun country. The artisans are personally trained by Alexander and work for a full year before they are allowed to begin the exacting task of creating these one-of-a-kind treasures. Alexander personally guides the creative process and allows only the best pieces to carry the Vivian Alexander logo. To further the desire for perfection, each artisan has their own registered hallmark that is added at completion, after Alexander approves the final outcome.

Alexander is a graduate civil engineer, Army Corps of Engineer retiree, and founder of several unusual and creative enterprises. He comes from an artistic family; one brother is an architect, one daughter is a graphic artist, and his mother was an impressionist painter, well known for her dramatic colors and compositions.