Duchess of Marlborough



A Magnificent Sculpture and Working Clock Licensed by the Forbes Collection

This sculpture has been retired. No additional Vivian Alexander Duchess of Marlborough will be made. If you own one of these sculptures you are advised to keep in in a safe place, out of any direct light. Occasional direct/strong light, if kept to a minimum, will not adversely affect it. Minimum handling, such as adjusting the clock setting, is not advised. Replacement parts are either scarce  or non existant.

Duchess of Marlborough History and Details

Fabergé created the original Egg in 1902 for an American, Conswela Vanderbilt, the Duchess of Marlborough.
This Vivian Alexander piece is covered with jewels, and has a working clock. The snake's tongue points to the time.
This magnificent sculpture stands 13-1/2 inches tall and 5-1/2 inches wide. The Vivian Alexander Duchess of Marlborough was approved and licensed by The Forbes Collection in 2000.

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Please allow a minimum of 2 months for delivery. 

Duchess of Marlborough
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  • Duchess of Marlborough
  • Duchess of Marlborough