Mardi Gras Ornament 2015


This years Mardi Gras ornament introduces a new twist in our enameling, the top and bottom of the ornament was covered in our normal green and purple enamels. But for the gold aspect we introduced gold mica, applied with a small needle and syringe,  to achieve a Florentine effect that harks back to early Italian art.

The band around the center of the ornament is made of twisted gold bugle beads that make a nice girth, but especially make spectacular flash as they are suspended from your Mardi Gras tree.

I think you will be pleased with the overall effect! As all of our ornaments, this one is based on an egg shaped mandrel made of fine silver and guilloched.

Mardi Gras Ornament 2015
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  • Mardi Gras Ornament 2015