Mardi Gras Ornament 2009


Silver Jester Collectible Will Bring Smiles All Around

If you collect Mardi Gras ornaments, this unusual silver Jester is sure to become your eclectic new favorite in 2009! The craftsmanship tops anything we've done before (and they thought it wasn't possible). Alex brought together a team of Louisiana artisans, each from ancient guilds, to add this inaugural jester ornament to our exclusive collection.

Mardi Gras ornament collectors will note the silver plaque embedded in the enamel stating its .999 silver metal composition as well as the provenance of Vivian Alexander. Each jester ornament is also numbered as one of a limited series of 200 for 2009.

Whether you wish to give Mardi Gras ornaments as favors or just want a numbered piece for your own collection, the Viv Alex Silver Jester is a must have for 2009. But don’t wait. This little fellow won’t sit in our studio for long! Order one or order many today.

Mardi Gras Ornament 2009
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  • Mardi Gras Ornament 2009