• Imperial Caucasus Minaudiére

    Fabergé completed the Imperial Caucasus Egg in 1893, to be given to Maria Feodorovna by Tzar Alexander III on Easter of that same year. This egg last changed hands in 1933 and went into the collection of Matilda Geddings Gray, an avid collector of Fabergé. Her collection, including this beautiful piece, is currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Vivian Alexander’s Imperial Caucasus was completed in 1995, and became the backbone of the entire Feaux Fabergé Collection. The crimson guilloché of the VA rendition was a challenge for our enameling process to replicate. The problem was finally solved by adding gold mica to the liquid enamel and then dragging a stylus through the still soft enamel after it was applied and before placing in our kilns. The four lockets around the perimeter of the egg are made to hold up to eight portraits. If desired, the final owner of this Vivian Alexander piece can send up to eight images (either print or digital) to our Studio and we will resize and insert them into the lockets, gratis. This minaudiére comes complete with a gold wrist strap or a shoulder length strap if desired.


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